Motueka Community Swimming Pool  

Getting going .... and progress to date

Since September 2015 we've had a strong, enthusiastic and active committee planning and executing our fundraising campaign. Our first task was to work out the timing of applications to major and other national funding agencies, some of which require our community to have already raised a good proportion of the money needed.

Our second task was (and remains) to approach potential business donors, sponsors and philanthropists, discussing the great benefits that this facility will give to Motueka, and asking them to help financially.

Starting 2016, and after some suitable publicity in print and online media, we began community fundraising with a range of fun activities that aim to involve as many of our Motueka comunity as possible. We are also talking with local construction businesses about in-kind donations of products and services that will reduce the building costs.

By the end of 2016 we passed the half-way mark toward our goal of at least $200,000 from community donations and events. As soon as the feasibility study is completed (expected early in 2017) and the results known (and with the engineering report already given a big tick), many large donors will feel confident to add their contributions, and negotiations begin with potential naming rights sponsors.

When will the upgrade project take place?

First, we need to raise enough money to commence construction. Assuming this is achieved, approximate project timing of the construction is based on the following elements:

  1. Concept design stage: This key aspects are now complete to suit the chosen site and final brief. More detail will be developed as final quotes are established
  2. Developed design stage: Should take about 6 weeks depending on workload. At the completion of this all options for construction, plant etc have been investigated and reported on so that informed decisions can be made. Estimates also updated.
  3. Detailed design stage: Approximately 3 months - preparation of documentation for Building Consent application.
  4. Construction, commissioning and training etc: Approximately 9 months
  5. The pool can then open while the defects liability (3 months) and guarantee periods (1 year) are being worked through.

Total time will be approximately 15 months from when funding is secured, and we intend to have the facility enclosed and ready for use by the start of the 2018 summer season.

Overall, there will be three stages, and the first stage will provide the essential structure and facilities that will allow for later improvements, depending on further fundraising.

Stage 1: Enclose the pool, build public changing sheds and a reception area/entrance, general improvement of the pool surrounds, and create a removable platform to divide the 33-metre pool into a 25-metre section for swimming competitions and a strip at the end for warm-up/down. Then develop a smaller (10-metre) heated pool alongside the main pool, aimed at therapeutic use.

(Solar panels may be added to the roof during stage 1 or stage 2 depending on funds raised.)

Stage 2: Develop a spa pool within the area, and add facilities for storage of equipment.

Note that if fundraising achieves a level that allows it, some or all of these stages may be joined together and tackled in parallel.