Motueka Community Swimming Pool  

What the Motueka community thinks

During May 2015 the community group Vision Motueka Development Trust conducted a month-long community consultation exercise called "Motueka 2030", gauging the views and aspirations of the Motueka community as to what the town needs to ensure a stronger future.

The main measuring tool was a 45-item survey conducted both online and on the street, which asked respondents to rate the 45 suggestions for improvements on a zero to five scale (zero being definitely No and five being strongly Yes).

One of those 45 items was: "Build a covered aquatic centre (swimming pool)". The survey (combined online and paper versions) was completed by 540 people, 96% of whom lived in Motueka or used Motueka as their hub for shopping and services. The statistical significance of the results are considered high. A rating of 0 meant they were against the proposal, and 5 meant strongly in favour. Respondents rated the question on the swimming pool thus:


Number of respondents



51    (9.6%)


21     (3.9%)


32    (6.0%)


54     (10.1%)


77     (14.4%)


299     (56.0%)

In addition, the Motueka 2030 programme engaged with the online public through a dedicated Facebook Group page. One of the questions asked of the group was: "How would a year-round pool in Motueka benefit the community and/or you yourself?" Following is a sample of the 26 responses:

"Yes yes yes!! I've always been an advocate for getting a pool here, it would benefit all ages from babies through to the elderly. And even if you wouldn't use it yourself, I bet you know someone that would!! Being around so much water already I think the importance of teaching our kids to swim would be hugely beneficial and a year-round heated pool would be ideal. It's also the best kind of non-impact exercise you can do. Great for rehab from injury or operations and so much more! I'm all for the solar option too, use what nature provides this area in bucket loads!!"

" Swimming is one of the most beneficial sports, for everyone! and an essential skill for EVERY child to have, a swimming pool in Motueka would help the people with physical and mental difficulties , would help the people wanting to get fitter, would connect and reconnect people etc... Considering that our outdoor swimming months are not so long, i find it of extreme importance. Would be great to have a close by place to prepare our little ones to brave the waves and rapids during summer. It could actually save lives."

" An indoor pool although an expense to maintain would ensure that the locals and visitors can enjoy activity all year around - for our youngers and our elders in particular where routine activity will have health benefits. It gives the opportunity for a number of water programmes to be run - at all levels, beginners, confidence builders to competitive swimming. How good would that be for our economy and the health and wellbeing of our community? Less of a carbon footprint for all those groups and individuals who have to travel to Richmond for their water exercise all year round."

" This is definitely needed for young and old. It is a big attraction for families for fun and fitness- and water safety as well. It's one of the most important initiatives for Motueka!"

" It would be the best thing that could happen for Motueka. More people would want to live here because they could used a heated covered pool - instead of living in Richmond. Ours is an ageing population and a spa pool, wading pool and swimming pool would help so many people with aches pains, those who have had operations etc. Our competitive swimmers would not have to travel to train each day. Aqua jogging - another great exercise for all ages. It could also be of social benefit - it's amazing how much chat occurs in a swimming pool changing room."

" It would benefit my family a lot as I have a severe epileptic son who can't always use his legs so when he not using them he has very low muscle tone a heated pool would be great as he loves swimming and helps with his physical side also it will mean he doesn't have to travel to Mapua every week for a hour session. A heated pool in Motueka will mean not having to travel far and being able to spend longer in pool and also more often as well."

" I think a heated swimming pool would be of huge benefit to both the old and young in the community. I also think it would be a huge benefit to local business in our town. How many families go swimming in Richmond and then go do their weekly grocery shop etc while there."

The statistical results, plus the commentary by typical residents, prove a strong wish for this facility and an expectation of great utility.